Tuesday, January 06, 2009

An Israeli Dissident Speaks

I first learned of Gilad Atzmon through his music, hearing him play at the Jamboree in Barcelona. I have since managed to get to another concert - this time in London - and have his CDs on my iPoD. I have also learned to be careful with his music - a die-hard Israel-supporting acquaintance stormed out of a party simply because I put on Atzmon. A colleague told me that there were Jewish homes in London where even images of his CDs are considered non-kosher (in Arabic, I suppose that would be haram).

Sad that his voice is blocked out so willfully by Israel's mindless cheerleaders. As a born-and-bred Israeli, he ought to be heard. His experiences growing up in that country and serving in its military have shaped his views. And those very views make him unacceptable in his country of birth as well as amongst its supporters overseas.

And that is why his analysis of the current Gaza situation is poignant, astute and Cassandra-like.

But then prophets have always been ignored by their own people!


  1. After reading your last two blog entries, it appears you have well meaning, but uninformed opinion on what is going on in the middle East. For starters, apparently you never took a moment of your time to intelligently find out what happened in the Holocaust. Because, if you did, you would realize there is no parallels on what happened in War World two and the Palestinian -Israeli conflict. The closest parallel of Israel’s occupation of Palestine would be India’s illegal occupation of Kashmir. Here is a little information for you, as per Wikipedia:
    From 1990 to 1999 some organizations report that Indian Armed Forces, its paramilitary groups, and counter-insurgent militias have been responsible for the deaths 4,501 of Kashmiri civilians. Also from 1990 to 1999, there are records of 4,242 women between the ages of 7-70 that have been raped. The Indian army has killed around 40,000 civilians in their occupation.
    Now comparing Israel in Nazi Germany(Lord give me mercy), where do I start. Well, close of quarter of the population in Israel is Palestinian. There quality of life on so many levels is so much better then Palestinians living in other Arab country. If Palestinians living in Israel were like Jews living in Nazi Germany, they would all be dead by now.
    As far as your claim, about a superior race. Well, first off, let me give you some information that you probably don’t know. There are 10,000s of black Ethiopian Jews that live in Israel. In fact, Israel has over 200 different nationalities it. That would also include the Muslim Druze and the Bedouins. Also half of the Israel’s Jews come from Arab/Muslin countries. If you don’t believe me, here is a link. http://www.jimena.org/index.htm
    I bet you are so ignorant that you believe that all Jews come from Europe.
    And the criticism against Gilad Atzom is not because he is Anti-Zionist or Anti-Israel. It because his opinions are then the KKK grand imperial dragon, David Duke. Just go to Gilad’s website and read his articles. And if you believe that shit that he writes then there is something seriously morally wrong with you. There is a fine line for being critical and being stupid. I would recommend the Israeli Uri Avnery. Uri is capable of being critical without going into conspiracies theory. And musically, I would take Leonard Cohen over Gilas Atzom any day. You can have your Gilas Atzom, we got Leonard Cohen.

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  3. As I have said before to other posters, if you do not have the courage to actually post with a name, don't expect to be taken seriously.

    You little rant shows little except hysteria. On the other hand, may be you should ask what Leonard Cohen has to say about Gaza - his answer may not make you so happy.