Sunday, January 21, 2007

More on Shilpa: And three cheers for Vir Sanghvi!

Yes, you read it right. I never thought I would call for cheers and applause for Mr. Sanghvi given that his opinion tends to be on the opposite end of the spectrum from mine. But...BUT his HT piece on the Shilpa-CBB controversy found me agreeing with the man all the way.

It is a long article on the HT site, but some of it deserves to be quoted:

"Is it any wonder that our blood boils? Are you surprised that educated Indians are angry and outraged? When we take up for Shilpa, we are responding to centuries of humiliation and hurt. We are serving notice that the old days are gone and done with. This is the new India. And we don't take this kind of crap any longer...But equally, I think our reaction to the way in which Shilpa has been treated tells us something about the new India. The Indian reaction is not about race. It's about nationalism, about our coming of age as a country; about a new pride in ourselves. Within a month, the Big Brother controversy will be forgotten. But I'm glad it happened. It told us something about ourselves. And more important, it told the world that the new India will not allow itself to be messed with."

Thank you Mr. Sanghvi! My thoughts exactly! So meet at Janpath for Republic Day? You bring your tricolour and I will bring mine....