Friday, June 06, 2008

At the Turin Book Fair

Back in May, I was at the Turin book fair. It was an interesting trip and far more fun than I had expected thanks basically to my Italian publishers Cargo/Ancora del Mediterraneo. But it wasn't all wine and song! So here goes the link for an televised chat in which I participated (this was the work part of being at the fair).


  1. Nice talk show. I liked your 'there is an enormous beauty in...War'. I would think over it. By the way, today I rang up at Oxford (a book shop at Barakhamba road, New Delhi)asking about your book 'with Krishna's eye'. I have been told that they do have a copy of the book published by Rupa and signed by you. I w'll try to procure that.

    It is nice to learn that there is an enormous interest in Europe about writing on Indian subjects.

    What about a Hindi translation of your book?

  2. Thanks.Glad you found a signed copy. I had done a reading for them at Oxford Book Store ages ago.

    Would love a Hindi translation but so far no interest.

  3. hmmm this was pretty boring to watch, especially cos the presenter or interviewer seemed a bit lame and more happy about being surrounded by four beautiful authors, rather than asking interesting questions to you all! But I think you threw them with all your deep and intellectual comments, so I skipped through the rest to only listen to your answers in the end. Well done! And I agree, there are many of us who see and define beauty in something other than Kate Moss..

  4. Thanks...I think its part of the issue with doing television interviews. :-)