Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Krishna's Travels Continue...

Continuing travels around the world, With Krishna's Eyes, is now available in Italian.

From a completely aesthetic point of view, I am intrigued by the differences in covers that the novel seems to generate in each language and country. Is this because countries have different visual demands vs a somehow more universal linguistic desire? Why do covers change so drastically from one territory to another? One would not expect the same for a music album or film publicity after all. So what changes in case of a book?

All these questions, and no real answers!


  1. Congratulations! For the Italian edition of your novel. It must have been a beautiful experience for you to see various European avatars of your novel. Yes, I think, like people, nations too have different ways of visualising things. Hence, different covers for different language!

    Lot of good wishes for success of your novel.

  2. this is news to me, had no idea book covers change for different languages or countries... I guess to make it more approachable and relevant to each culture they will be read in and create a link between what is inside the book and what the culture it will read in is about. Who knows?

    Hope the book does well over there, regardless of the cover :)

  3. I'm reading actually this book in Italian! When I'll finish it I'll post my opinions, but, I love Indian culture, and I'm sure I will find in it much interesting.
    Namaste, L.